Sunday, October 16, 2005

More Frustration

I watched a fair amount of the coverage of the Millions More Movement yesterday with mixed emotions. It was encouraging to see and hear black people making an effort to unite for our advancement, including reaching out to Native Americans and Latinos. Once again people gathered in Washington to "dramatize a shameful condition" as Dr. King said some 40 years ago on that very spot. Unfortunately, the frustration and anger was palpable and most of the speakers put forth the same limited concepts and paradigms about what is necessary to change the "shameful condition" under which too many human beings, black and white have to live in the current world (dis)order. There were some truly inspiring moments such as when the Prime Minister of Jamaica gave his address, but there was also a lot of overheated rhetoric and political posturing. You can read about some of the remarks of Louis Farrakhan here. Ironically on the same day as the Millions More Movement, black folks in Toledo, Ohio rioted in response to the attempt by a Neo-Nazi group to march in that city. You can read about the riot here. Guess you could call yesterday a day of frustration. I'm reminded of the Words of Baha'u'llah, "Sanctify your ears from the idle talk of them who are the symbols of denial and the exponents of violence and anger."