Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Race in the Workplace

Here is another article about the newly published research into the more "subtle" forms of racism and there very real impact on minorities. It is in the Christian Science Monitor and was a link from Sojourners Magazine, which if you don't read I highly recommend. There's another article from the New York Times about how genetics is undermining persisting notions about "race", you can read it here. The author's family history sounds similar to my own in many ways. I think that we are only beginning to understand the implications of people finally recognizing the notion of biologically distinct races of people as what it is: something people made up in order to justify the oppression and exploitation of other people. Period. There can be no racism without "race". People who are serious about racism must confront the fiction of "race" head on. This clinging to the belief that there really are different "races" of human beings is one of the greatest obstacles to eliminating racism. How do you recognize the oneness or humanity without sacrificing a commitment to diversity? That's for a future post.