Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Religious Fanaticism: A World Devouring Fire

This is an excellent essay on the psychological, social and theological foundation for the rise in religious motivated terrorism. It is interesting to note how religious fanaticism and hatred, nationalism, racial prejudice and economic inequality the transformation of which are all key areas of focus for the mission of the Baha'i Faith are interconnected. The current civil unrest in France is but one of many recent examples of how the current world (dis)order has demonstrated itself incapaple of resolving these long-standing threats to humanity. How long will it take our bewildered statesmen in whose hands are placed the lives the citizens of the world to recognize that humanity is one and that beyond all diversity of cultural expression and human interpretation that religion is also one? How long will it take them to exert the political will to create a social order which reflects this reality? How long will my fellow citizens of the world continue to cling to antiquated beliefs that have proven themselves at best the expressions of earlier, less mature stages of human consciousness and at worst completely irrelevant to the needs of the this age?