Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Earth is One Country

Columnist James Carrol has an editorial in the Boston Globe today that addresses the limitations of national sovereignty in religious terms. You can read it here. The globalization of human consciousness and our recognition that "The earth is one country and mankind its citizens" is viewed in the Baha'i Writings as a distinguishing characteristic of a human race that is entering the stage of maturity. Below is one of many selections from the Baha'i Writings about this important issue:

Unification of the whole of mankind is the hall-mark of the stage which human society is now approaching. Unity of family, of tribe, of city-state, and nation have been successively attempted and fully established. World unity is the goal towards which a harassed humanity is striving. Nation-building has come to an end. The anarchy inherent in state sovereignty is moving towards a climax. A world, growing to maturity, must abandon this fetish, recognize the oneness and wholeness of human relationships, and establish once for all the machinery that can best incarnate this fundamental principle of its life.

(Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Baha'u'llah, p. 202)