Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Before All Else God Created the Mind"

If you've read my profile you know that I'm a clinical social worker specializing in the addictions and mental health field. One of the really cool things that I'm involved with right now is called the Baha'i Association of Mental Health Professionals. At this point, for reasons only God knows, I'm serving as a member of its Board of Directors! This means I get to consult, plan and serve regularly with some truly outstanding Baha'is in the mental health field. I'm learning a lot and have been inspired to include more posts related to Baha'i perspectives on psychology and mental health as well as the development of this truly awesome organization. Below is the statement of purpose of the Baha'i Association of Mental Health Professionals:


The Bahá'í Association of Mental Health Professionals (BAMHP) is a non-profit, Bahá'í-inspired organization designed to serve the intellectual, social and spiritual needs of practitioners, researchers and theoreticians who desire to apply the insights contained in the Bahá'í writings to the mental health professions. The Association seeks to combine the highest scientific and professional knowledge in the field of mental health with ongoing study and application of the Bahá'í Writings to all aspects of mental health education, research, and practice.

The Board of Directors is currently working on the next annual conference which will explore the connection between authentic morality, mental health and healing. You can learn more about BAMHP by visiting its website, I'll end with this sweet comment from the Baha'i Writings about the significance of the mind:

This supreme emblem of God (the human mind)stands first in the order of creation and first in rank, taking precedence over all created things. Witness to it is the Holy Tradition, "Before all else, God created the mind." From the dawn of creation, it was made to be revealed in the temple of man.

(Abdu'l-Baha, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 1)