Friday, April 14, 2006

Baha'i Communicators Rock Da House!

(Photo of the lovely Ms. Patti Tomarelli, one of the Award Recipients and a dear friend "o" mine)

While some misguided characters strive to strangle the Baha'i Faith in the land of its birth, around the globe Baha'is keep on doing what we do best, sharing the spirit of love and unity with everyone.
The Baha'i World New Services offers the latest example in an article about this year's Religion Communicators Council Awards. The opening of the article is below:

DALLAS, TEXAS, United States, 7 April (BWNS) -- Eleven professional Baha'i communicators have won 12 awards from the Religion Communicators Council for excellence and merit in the production of various informational materials last year. (Read the whole thing here)

In a world gone wild, isn't it nice to get some good news?