Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Eternal Covenant

(Gardens behind the Shrine of the Bab on Mt. Carmel)

"The Eternal Covenant"

On the road of revelation we have progressed

together since before the beginning in the Garden

on that radiant morn when promises passed

between us and beyond us from Ur to Canaan

where Your Friend founded a family blessed

to birth future nations and down into Egypt

where He who would carry your commandments

from Sinai confronted Pharaoh in the days

before Mary mothered Your Son to be

sacrificed on the cross resurrected

rising from the horizon of Hijaz

Mecca Medina in the Person

of Your Apostle sealing a prophetic

cycle in preparation for fulfillment in

Your Martyr-Prophet of Shiraz

His Holiness the Bab

bringing tidings of Another

greater that Himself


The Glory of God