Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Enemies of the State?

(As you can see from this photo of some of the Baha'is recently arrested in Shiraz, they are a dangerous group of people.)

As expected, things are getting worse and worse for the Baha'is in Iran as the current regime plays it's usual tricks to distract peoplesfrom its own morally bankrupt system. The latest is that Iranian officials arbitrarily arrested 54 Baha'is in Shiraz. The Baha'i World News Service has the story, the opening paragraphs are below:

24 May 2006 (BWNS)
-- Iranian officials have arrested 54 Baha'is in the city of Shiraz, the Baha'i International Community has learned. They are mostly youth and were all engaged in humanitarian service when they were arrested. It is one of the largest number of Baha'is taken at once since the 1980s. The specific charges are not clear, though in the past, Baha'is have been arrested summarily on false charges.

The arrests occurred on Friday, 19 May, while the Baha'is, along with several other volunteers who were not Baha'is, were teaching classes to underprivileged children in a school as part of a UNICEF community service activity conducted by a local non-governmental organization. At the time of the arrests, they had in their possession a letter of permission from the Islamic Council of Shiraz. They also carried the letter of permission in each of their classes.

The nature of the charges against the Baha'is is unknown at this time. The day following the arrests, a judge told family members that the detainees would be freed soon. As of today, it appears that all of the non-Baha'is and one Baha'i junior youth have been released without having to post bail.

The arrests coincided with raids on six Baha'i homes during which notebooks, computers, books, and other documents were confiscated. In the last 14 months, 72 Baha'is across Iran have been arrested and held for up to several weeks. (Read the whole article here)

Message to the Mullahs: Your oppression of a people who's only crime is that their beliefs differ from your own has and will continue to accomplish nothing other than to bring shame to yourselves. I will pray that your eyes and your hearts will open to this truth.