Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Famous Baha'i Actor Tells His Tale

(Actor Earl Cameron is on the right with other members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the Solomon Islands, 1988)

Just chanced upon this really great story of the Bermudan Baha'i actor, Earl Cameron who starred as the fictional African dictator in the Sidney Pollack film The Interpreter
which also starred Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. A selection from the article is below:

When veteran actor Earl Cameron stood at the lectern in the United Nations General Assembly hall, portraying an African despot for the film The Interpreter, he had one of those strange moments where the larger reality of things snaps into focus. On the one hand, he was playing the corrupt and unsavoury president of a fictional African country – a role he had no hesitation in accepting. "I feel that an actor must portray life, and despotic characters need to be portrayed and shown up," he said. On the other hand, as a Baha'i, the scene reminded him very much of the Baha'i belief in the need for world unity. "There I was," said Mr. Cameron, "standing at the lectern in front of 2,000 extras playing all the ambassadors. Seeing the names of all the countries on the desks in front of me, I got a real sense of the importance of the UN. "The world is desperate for peace and there's no other way it can go but towards greater co-operation at a global level," he said. "Solutions have to be found at a level above national interests – and so far there isn't any other organisation which can establish these first steps towards lasting peace." (Read the whole article here)