Saturday, September 16, 2006

Michigan on My Mind

I'm off to Michigan tomorrow to attend the annual conference of the Baha'i Association of Mental Health Professionals, whose Board of Directors I'm currently serving on (only God knows why!) The conference looks to be quite awesome and I'm looking forward to bloggin' about it once I return. The conference information is included below. You can also visit our website at

2006 Conference Announcement

2006 marks the 8th Annual Conference of the Bahá’í Association of Mental Health Professionals. This year’s conference will be dedicated to the memory of Dr. William Hatcher, one of the founding members of the Association.

The conference will be held September 21-24th at the Louhelen Bahá’í School in Davison, Michigan

Theme: Authentic Morality, Mental Health, and Healing

The conference will feature presentations by the following distinguished speakers:

- Dr. John Hatcher, The Relationship between the Human Soul, Human Emotions, and Moral Growth.
- Dr. Steven Handwerker: The Spiritual Dimension: Authentic Resources for Mental Health and Healing.
- Dr. Sharon Eakes, focusing on the Moral Challenge of Addiction.
- Dr. Phil Squires, on the Etiology of Depression.

The conference will also feature the following programs:

- A Workshop on the Resolution of Moral Dilemmas by Authenticity Project presenters Dr. Sheri Dressler, Dr. Michael Penn and Mary K. Radpour

- Panel presentations on:
Bridging Theory and Practice and
Integrating Spirituality into Clinical Practice

- Case consultations, focusing on cases relevant to moral development

- A study process focused upon those Bahá’í writings relevant to the dynamics of moral development -An exciting arts program featuring:
Gospel singer Adrienne Ewing-Roush
Actress, dancer and expert on bodywork and healing Erika Batdorf