Thursday, November 02, 2006

Baha'i Activism in Tanzania

(Baha'is with cultural and educational leaders of Tanzania pose for a photo)

Baha'i World New Service has a great article about Baha'i involvement in promoting development in Tanzania. A selection from this piece is below:

Sohaila Loftus, a representative of the Baha'i community of Tanzania, stressed the importance of the education of women in achieving the goals of reducing poverty, improving health, and promoting education.

It is, she said, "essential for the child to interact face-to-face with an educated, intelligent, loving, caring mother who will give this child the moral and spiritual grounding it needs in order to grow into an effective adult."

Ms. Loftus also stressed the importance of religion and spirituality as the keys to creating a strong family.

"Families should strive to raise children who will choose education and good-will," said Ms. Loftus. "Children should be brought up to bend their wills to the service of the human race, seeing their roles as contributors to communities. These are faith-based concepts." (You can read the whole article here)