Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Friend Phyllis

U.S. Baha'i News has a nice article about a friend of mine who has recently been honored with a regular column on, called "One Light Many Lamps".
An excerpt from the article is below:

"In a perfect world, we'd spend more time talking about spiritual things instead of minutiae," says Phyllis Edgerly Ring, a Baha'i columnist featured on .

Ring, a prolific, seasoned writer and editor from Exeter, New Hampshire, creates that "perfect world" in "One Light, Many Lamps ," her Tuesday column on, which is operated by UPI (United Press International)...

Ring, a former nurse, "writes from the heart" about unity and oneness, but not just as pie-in the-sky concepts. Rather, she illustrates how these ideals - two of the core beliefs of the Baha'i Faith - play out in everyday life. In a recent column, Ring wrote about the sense of peace and family closeness that blossomed as relatives gathered around her dying father-in-law. In another column she examines our impatience for patience and the virtue of serenity.

"There is one light from God, but many different lamps to reflect that light," says Ring, explaining the meaning of the name of her column. And we're put here to recognize that light and those lamps. One way is to recognize how unity and oneness are manifested in virtues. (Read the whole thing here)

You can also learn more about this remarkable Baha'i woman at her website,

Phyllis, I never really knew just how wicked cool you are. You go girl!!