Friday, March 23, 2007

Baha'i Thought Reaches 1,000!!!! Updated

Ok, maybe I will sound like a geek. But I have to celebrate the fact that as of a couple of minutes ago, this humble Blog, Baha'i Thought reached a cool milestone of having attracted more than 1,000 unique visitors since February 18th, 2007 when I took on a brand new blog counter. To have achieved this in a little over a month is pretty exciting and encourages me to work harder to offer a few Baha'i thoughts about the important issues of religion, race, psychology and social order.

So I'm going to offer a little "best of post" focusing on the past five weeks of Baha'i Thought, particularly for those readers who are new and might not have dug deep into the well of my efforts to understand the Baha'i teachings. So here goes:

The African American Attitude: A Few Baha'i Thoughts

The Problem With Political Religion

Psyche and Social Order

Faith, Integrity and Flexibility

Are You Happy?

A Baha'i Thought Reader named Allison strongly advocated that my post about the Fast be added to this list so here goes: