Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bloggin' the BMG Part 4

Ok, I'm about to go to sleep, or maybe play some Monopoly with some trash talking brothers. We'll see who has the courage to meet me on the Monopoly board. So, what we did after studying the other letters from the Universal House we studied the latest one of March 25th that is hot off the press so to speak. The focus of the letter is on the importance of Baha'i participation in the Baha'i elections and how the process by which Baha'is chose the membership of those institutions who have authority in Baha'i life is unique in the world. The consultation sparked by the remarkable letter was rich, rich, rich. We talked about ourselves as present day citizens of a new world of which the Baha'i institutions are a "nucleus" and "pattern" and what responsible citizenship demands of us in the midst of a declining social order in which people have rightly lost faith in elected institutions. It was too deep to sufficiently get into, especially as I am half asleep. I may remember more later. After a world class dinner, we enjoyed watching the video of the presentation that those of us who went to Ghana in December gave to the folks serving at the Baha'i World Center in Israel. There were moments of inspiration and loud laughter. My favorite part was that the video included the brothers praying in the BMG style and the participants in this weekend joined in. It was this interesting moment of past and present coming together in a timeless moment of worship through the power of technology. Wow. Anyway, I need to go, but may have a moment tomorrow to continue reporting before we head over to the 20th anniversary celebration of the Black Men's Gathering that will be taking place at the Baha'i Center in Boston. I'm also looking forward to seeing my wife whom I'm missing (I'm including this just in case she's reading this). My mother will also be joining us which will be pretty cool. Be back tomorrow.