Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blogwarriors March 1: Ayyam-i-Ha and Other Goodies

(Picture of my sister-in-law Ji, a Chinese Baha'i. Ayyam'i-Ha makes the whole world laugh and smile)

Today is the final day of a four day period of the Baha'i year known as Ayyam-i-Ha. During this time Baha'is around the world along with their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers boogey-down, (In a spiritual way), exchange gifts and perform acts of charity. As my gift to the readers I love so much I wanted to offer up some of the fine Baha'i blogging that I've seen around the blogosphere recently, including some sweet posts about Ayyam-i-Ha itself. First though you have check out this incredibly cute video up on the American Baha'i Community site with people wishing the world a Happy Ayyam-i-Ha from the Baha'i House of Worship in Chicago, U.S.A. Just click where you're told to and prepare yourself.

Now for our beloved blogwarriors:

Canadian John Taylor at Badi Blog has a sweet essay about Ayyam-i-Ha

My man David Diehl at Correlating has a provocative post about the relationship between the education of women and social science about marriage

Ultimate Baha'i blogger George Wesley at Baha'i Views has a cool post about Ayyam-i-Ha

Bilo at Baha'i Faith in Egypt, takes a break from his ever righteous and brilliant blogging about the persecutions of the Baha'is in that land and offers an uplifting post about Ayyam-i-Ha

U.K. Blogwarrior Barnabus Quotidianus keeps it comin' with a magnificent piece about the Golden Rule. You. Must. Read. This.

Righteous Baha'i writer Phyllis Ring hits it out of the part with a column about her first educator

My man Marco keepin' it real in Portugal takes it to a whole new level blogging about Freedom of Expression.Having trouble reading it? Click where it says "English version of this site" and it will be translated for you.

Malik, Malcolm X of Baha'i blogwarriors, over at The Struggle Within, has a nice piece of written meditation about TRUTH

Laura at Rocky Mountain Journal also has a post about the all important issue of truth telling