Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good Morning Vietnam!

This just in. I first heard about it through Marco at Povo De Baha and then saw it again at Bilo's Blog, the Baha'i Faith in Egypt. The government of Vietnam has formally recognized the Baha'i Faith in that country. You can read all about it right here! God willing we will hear similar news someday regarding the Baha'i Faith in Iran and Egypt. In tribute to the valiant Baha'i community of Vietnam, I offers these Words of Baha'u'llah from the Fire Tablet, a much beloved piece of Baha'i scripture:

Were it not for the cold, how would the heat of Thy words prevail, O Expounder of the worlds?

Were it not for calamity, how would the sun of Thy patience shine, O Light of the worlds?

Lament not because of the wicked. Thou wert created to bear and endure, O Patience of the worlds.

How sweet was Thy dawning on the horizon of the Covenant among the stirrers of sedition, and Thy yearning after God, O Love of the worlds.

By Thee the banner of independence was planted on the highest peaks, and the sea of bounty surged, O Rapture of the worlds.

By Thine aloneness the Sun of Oneness shone, and by Thy banishment the land of Unity was adorned. Be patient, O Thou Exile of the worlds.

We have made abasement the garment of glory, and affliction the adornment of Thy temple, O Pride of the worlds.

Thou seest the hearts are filled with hate, and to overlook is Thine, O Thou Concealer of the sins of the worlds.

When the swords flash, go forward! When the shafts fly, press onward! O Thou Sacrifice of the worlds.

Dost Thou wail, or shall I wail? Rather shall I weep at the fewness of Thy champions, O Thou Who hast caused the wailing of the worlds.
(Compilations, Baha'i Prayers, p. 217)

The Baha'is throughout the world will continue our long walk to freedom until victory is won.