Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Baha'i Thought: Support the Mission

This is me on Mount Carmel in Haifa Israel near the seat of the Universal House of Justice in December of 2006. I love the Universal House of Justice!!!

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time or just checked out the Mission of Baha'i Thought, you know this is a serious blog with serious goals in the world. One of the things that I've been doing is working diligently to reach a wider group of readers who share similar goals or just enjoy some of my Baha'i thinking. Here are a few things that if you haven't already done, would be helpful to the mission of Baha'i Thought:

1. Leave comments: I know for some of you this would be a big step, but you can do it anonymously so you really have nothing to lose. The point of this blog is to provoke thought and dialogue among the readers and comments are a way to let people know that you're actually reading the blog. Thanks to all those who have already done so, you should see the dance I do when I get a comment (well, maybe you shouldn't but you know what I mean).

2. Include Baha'i Thought as a Link: There are several bloggers out there who have done this and I'm incredibly thankful. It's a real compliment and makes me feel good. It also lets people you know, know that this blog exists. As you can see from the list of Baha'i blogs that I've included on this one that I try to do that for other folks as a way of encouraging and supporting their blogging. Blogwarriors is something I've included as a regular feature to let my readers know about some of the awesome blogging that other folks are doing out there.

3. Share posts that you like with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers (or complete strangers for that matter!): So of you have approached me and let me know that you do this all the time and I love you for it. If you are not aware, at the bottom of each post is a little picture of an envelope. If you click on that it allows you to forward the post to a friend. Just think, you might brighten up a friend's day by sending them a post. It could be like Valentine's Day or Christmas every day.

4. If you read something you like, go tell somebody: Talk. It. Up. Anybody who knows me knows that I talk about blogging quite a bit, including the blogs that I personally like.

5. If you read something you don't like, go tell somebody anyway: You never know, someone might be curious about what bugged you and come and check it out for themselves. They might even leave a comment. Telling me that you disagree with me (as long as you're not too mean about it) is really healthy as it helps my thinking to develop.

6. Become a subscriber: If you subscribe, you don't have to keep making the effort to come back and see what I've written, it will just come right to your email in-box. How much easier can it get? You can then also share the posts with other people if you want without making much effort. If you are already a subscriber, thanks man! Now go and tell somebody else about this option. Maybe they will subscribe as well.

7. Vote for Baha'i Thought: I just signed up for one of these blog aggregators that ranks blogs based on how often they are read. There's already a couple of other Baha'i blogs that are listed as well as some pretty interesting religion blogs from other folks. Just go click the Vote for Baha'i Thought if you're interested in that. I think that you can do it once a day if you really wish to but once in a lifetime is just as good. It would be much appreciated.

I look forward to striving to provide some high quality, grass roots Baha'i scholarship about issues that are important in the world today. I'm grateful for whatever support you can offer towards that end. Have great night/day, depending on where you are on the planet.