Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blogwarriors: April 5th Edition

Throughout the blogosphere, Baha'i bloggers use the force to promote unity and justice!

For today's edition of Blogwarriors, I wanted to actually start with a couple of cool articles that feature Baha'i bloggers. One, from the American Baha'i news in which this blog was mentioned, you may already be familiar with. Here's a taste if you haven't already read it:

Anything you ever wanted to know about the Baha'i Faith and weren't afraid to ask is out there in the blogosphere. Blogging, for Baha'is, has proved to be an ideal format to talk about the faith, how it has changed their lives and how it may change the lives of others.

There are about 200-300 Baha'i blogs on the blogsophere at any given time. Conveniently and courteously, many Baha'i blogs provide links to other blogs. They're all in this together -- to connect with those in and outside the faith. (Enjoy the whole thing here)

Turns out there are lots of Canadian Baha'is in the blogging game as well, as this article describes.

The quality of Baha'i blogging is getting so good out there that it is getting harder to pick which ones I like most. Here are my personal favorites from the past week:

Doberman Pizza (probably the most interesting name of any Baha'i blog) has a Toronto Star article about the persecution of the Baha'is in Egypt.

Martin of Martin's Quest has suggestions for the ideal way to minimize movement while riding the bus. Never know when that will come in handy.

Dave at Correlating has really been churning out the posts lately and just put up something interesting about sociology and the arts.

George at Baha'i Views has a pretty, pretty collage from someone spending time in Costa Rica.

Both Bilo at Baha'is in Egypt and Marco at Povo De Baha' mention members of the German Parliament standing up for the Egyptian Baha'is. (Remember that Marco has the option on his blog to translate it into English so if that's your first language, have no fear)

Newly discovered (by me anyway) Mystic Logic has some reflections on the new film, The Namesake.

My friend Phyllis has a really amazing story about her family history and how it relates to Easter and the spring.

Malik at The Struggle Within has a piece about one of his slave ancestors that harmonizes in an interesting way with a lengthy post by U.K. Blogger Barney that focuses on the British commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.

Onward Baha'i bloggers!