Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blogwarriors: Ridvan Eve Edition

Ok, I know there is no such thing as Ridvan Eve, but I wish there was because it would be kind of cool. In a world gone mad, it's nice to know that the super heroes of the blogosphere are hard at work offering the power of their keyboards in service to the Cause of unity, justice and sometimes just good fun:

Liz at Los Angelista's Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness shares comments on "skirt length"

New Zealand blogger John at Vox Cosmicos ponders "Does Religion Meet Reality?"

Heather at A Season for Everything reminds us to "Pay Attention"

The absolutely magnificent James Howden has a righteous post about the decision by media networks to play the final rantings of the shooter at Virginia Tech. You. Must. Read. This.

David at Correlating takes on social science regarding trustworthiness

Bilo of Baha'i Faith in Egypt is hopeful about the Secular Islam Summit
Marco at Povo De Baha also talks about this summit in Portugese

Doberman Pizza reflects on growing up as a Baha'i

Druzelle at Luminous Realities takes on the all important issue of domestic violence

The prophetic Phyllis Ring comments on the culture of excess and how things should be

Malik at the Struggle Within encourages readers to support the efforts of a grieving mother to go to Virginia for her son's funeral

The ever clever Neocrats have a beautiful post about playing the piano

Coming Soon on Baha'i Thought: Blogs4God a round-up of my favorite posts from other great religion bloggers. This will probably be once each month.