Friday, May 04, 2007

Baha'i Thought Goes Democratic

Ok, I thought that I would have a weekend of focused family interaction and was just surrounded by people all playing on their own individual computers. A brave new world indeed. So I guess I also have permission to play with my blog. Just a quick thing. I've been playing with the idea for awhile of having a new feature on this blog which would be a poll question that readers could respond to. It's another effort, in addition to encouraging people to leave their comments, to make this blog a dynamic experience of people sharing their thoughts rather than just reading mine. You can check out the poll in the side bar on the left side of the blog. This first poll will be up for two weeks and I'll see how it goes. This is a way for people who do not feel comfortable leaving a comment to share what they think in an indirect way. If this actually works, I might eventually begin to ask for poll question ideas from readers, but for now I'll generate them myself. Of course they will be related to the focus of this blog which is religion, race, psychology and social justice. Thanks to everyone all over the planet who have made this blog better through your encouragement, comments and prayers. I hope you like this new feature and I look forward to seeing the results.