Friday, May 04, 2007

Blogwarriors: May 4th Edition

Seems like Spider-Man is having a bad day. Nothing that some good Baha'i blogging from our friendly neighborhood Blogwarriors can't fix!

Planet Baha'i Blog has an interesting post about the art of working with Bonsai trees

PearlzDreaming asks, "What will you do for your Mum on Mother's Day?"

Luminous Realities meditates on Baghdad Today and Yesterday

Love From Leila reminds us that Tel Aviv is Fun

Los Angelista reminds men to keep their eyes on the road

James Howden offers thoughtful commentary on Richard Gere's imperialistic kissing escapades in India

Doberman Pizza offers thoughts on Virginia Tech

Barnabas gets personal and describes some of the Life Changes he is experiencing

I'll be partying with the family in Connecticut this weekend, celebrating my awesome sister's getting an M.B.A and my wedding anniversary (3 years and counting). You won't hear from me until Monday so enjoy this post and dive deep into the archives if you're new to this blog.

Coming Soon on Baha'i Thought: Assimilate, Separate, or Unite?