Friday, May 11, 2007

Blogwarriors: Pre-Mother's Day Edition

This picture is of one of the lovely mothers that I met in Ghana. What are your plans for Mother's Day? What could be sweeter than to gather around the old computer and enjoy a little Baha'i blogging. Doesn't that image bring a tear to your eye? Here's what my favorite Baha'i bloggers have been up to since last week:

The ever ferocious Malik at The Struggle Within begins a new series of posts addressing the impact of racism on moral, mental and physical cohesion

Marco in Portugal describes the strange Sheik Baha'i incident in Iran

UK Blogger Afshin at Poetry of Peace has info and video about a new group of Baha'i inspired artists called the Dawnbreaker Collective. Hot, hot, hot!

The wise and "Yoda-like" Phyllis Ring comments on motherhood and fear

Lovable Leila gets serious commenting on my recent post Proud to Be White

West Coast blogger Liz at Los Angelista reminds us to Los Angeles is Burning

Canadian Blogger Dan at Doberman Pizza was lucky enough to attend the Cultivating the Roots conference in California

UK blogger Barnabas waxes philosophical about Facebook and Freedom

Bilo at Baha'i Faith in Egypt, delivers another knock-out punch to the absurd policy regarding ID's and the Baha'is in the country

Coming soon on Baha'i Thought: A Bible Thumpin' Baha'i

PS: There is a new poll question: What do you most often pray for? Come and cast your votes!