Friday, June 01, 2007

Blogwarriors: Whale Watch Edition

Once again I will be doing something that I've never done before on account of my wife who is excellent at getting me to do new things (as well as things I don't want to do!). Tomorrow we will be going on a whale watch and hopefully these noble creatures will cooperate and show themselves and not try to swallow me (I doubt Jonah had access to high speed Inter-Net so no blogging for him. Also if you don't understand this reference, please go read the Bible). In the mean time, Baha'i bloggers are just getting hotter every week. Check out these folks and tell everyone you know (you could mention this blog too while you're at it, hint, hint).

Malik the Magnificent proves once again to be the smartest writer about race I've come across in many years

The notorious Neocrats are caught between a left and a right place

Randy Burns is taking on the Kitab-i-Iqan Page by Page

Phyllis Ring, Empress of Expression offers loving tribute to the Lord of Hosts

Liz (aka Los Angelista) gives encouragement to Miss USA

Dan, Duke of Doberman Pizza, shows his Roots with some cool video

Aaron at Between the Lines recommends a book about the Closing of the Western Mind

Barney, the coolest Englishman I've never met, shares his experience of the recent Baha'i Holy Day

Ishmael at Baha'i Epistolary, breaks it down regarding Due Process in the Baha'i Faith