Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blogwarriors: The Blog Blitz Edition

No fear dear readers, I am still here. I've been getting myself prepared for a bit of a blog blitz over the next two weeks. I'll start with a round-up of some new and old Baha'i bloggers that are advancing the Cause of God in their own way and then will give some highlights of what's coming up for the next two weeks.

Baha'i Epistolary takes on the challenging issue of fanaticism vs. certitude

Baha'i Faith and Social Science talks about integration and unintended consequences

Anxiously Concerned channels Simon and Garfunkle with a piece about the Sound of Silence

The ever excellent Bilo at Baha'i Faith in Egypt has gratitude for a nasty commentor

Barnabas waxes philosophical on the issue of freedom of belief and social responsibility

New blog Exploring Education has a provocative post called Affirmative Segregation

Los Angelista gets her blog on with a piece on True Freedom

Pearl Bearer, my favorite new Baha'i blogger has a great post about interdependence

New blog, The Advance Guard has an Open Letter to white Baha'i men

Now here's what's coming up:

Martyrdom and Meaning: About the theological significance of the Martyrdom of the Bab
More Than Meets the Eye: My comments on the new movies Transformers and Sicko
Baha'u'llah and the Black Elite: Reflections on what Baha'u'llah's Life tells us about class and social responsibility

The really big blogging will be the 14-21st of July when I will provide a daily chronicle of the upcoming seven day international Black Men's Gathering at Green Acre Baha'i School. To the best of my knowledge this will be the first time this has ever been done, so rest up and get ready for a lot of reading. There will be photos as well.