Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blogwarriors: The Jason Bourne Edition

Just watched the new movie The Bourne Ultimatum recently. It's basically a 2 hour chase scene with brains and good fun. But you don't have to be a psychologically conditioned killing machine to make a difference in this world. You just need a decent computer and some Baha'i thinkin'.

Bilo keeps us informed on US efforts to shine a light on what is happening to the Baha'is in Egypt

Across the pond, Barney reminds us that people with vastly different views can actually talk to each other without bloodshed.

Dan has got some video of Talis Newkirk, aka Talisman doing some hip-hop. I met this brother years ago and he has like 12 kids or something like that.

Liz pokes holes in a line of questioning on a Zogby survey

Leila has a new camera so watch out!

Phyllis takes on Circumstantial Parental Myopia

Pearl ponders women and the Universal House of Justice

Marco reminds us of the incredible shrinking planet we live on

The Pope inspires the Neocrats to talk about faith and development

Malik tries to educate the next generation about race

By the way, if you haven't checked out the new survey, it is about the backgrounds readers had before they became Baha'is (if that applies of course). A lot of former Catholics are reading this blog. Fascinating.