Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Blogger On The Way

Just wanted to let my Baha'i Thought family out there know that my wife and I have a little blogger on the way. Come October (God willing), we will be first time parents. Hopefully he/she will look more like mom than dad, but I guess we will see. We'll know the sex of the kid in May and so will all of you. In the mean time I'll keep doing what I do, trying the make the world a little better through sharing Baha'i thoughts on the issues of the day. Any sage (or silly) advice for a first time father would be most welcome. Bring on the comments people! Also those who believe in the power of prayer, bring those on too.

"I pray in behalf of these children and beg confirmation and assistance for them from the Kingdom of Abha so that each one may be trained under the shadow of the protection of God, each may become like a lighted candle in the world of humanity, a tender and growing plant in the rose garden of Abha; that these children may be so trained and educated that they shall give life to the world of humanity; that they may receive insight; that they may bestow hearing upon the people of the world; that they may sow the seeds of eternal life and be accepted in the threshold of God; that they may become characterized with such virtues, perfections and qualities that their mothers, fathers and relatives will be thankful to God, well pleased and hopeful. This is my wish and prayer."
(Abdu'l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 52)

This is my wish and prayer too!