Sunday, July 27, 2008

Generation Y on Race

In the spirit of paying more attention to the experiences of younger folks I wanted to share this piece about 'color-blindness' and 'generation Y', (my younger sister's generation). It's definitely worth a read and I'd love to hear from any readers of Baha'i Thought that are Gen Y'ers. What do you think about what this author has to say about race?:

"Let's get one thing straight: Race is a socially created concept, and since its inception it has been a socially fed nuisance, to say the least. It sprang to life and run amok. Lyrics, lawsuits, lynchings, boycotts, bombings, preferential treatment, superiority complexes, inferiority complexes and inhumane acts based solely on skin tone and misconceptions.

Millennials like myself are often steeped just as deep in the troubles of race as generations before us. This isn't to say that advancements haven't been made. Civil rights, career options for minorities and intercultural dynamics have no doubt improved in America since my parents' day. But progress in regard to race is not linear—it never has been and never will be. Every generation has different ways of dealing with the rainbow-colored elephant in the room; influenced, no doubt, by previous eras, but distinct in its own right." (Read the whole piece here)