Tuesday, August 12, 2008

READ IT! August 12th Edition

I'm trying to get my doctoral education on over here so my blogging output is beginning to slow as I transition back into my fall classes. Gotta hit dem books y'all! No fear though, others are bloggin' up a storm so you've got lots to read.

Baha'i Perspectives now has interviews with cool Baha'is. This one features Veronica from Australia
Baha'i Faith in Egypt and Iran has news that the film "Mona's Dream" appears to be becoming a reality
Baha'i Views has news on Baha'i music you can enjoy
Barnabas is starting Wildfires across the pond
Doberman Pizza ponders perfection
Love From Leila talks about her baby
Quest for Certitude wrestles with a Green Eyed Monster
The Covenant of Baha'u'llah describes the role of the Hands of the Cause
Where the World is Going reflects on Freedom From Religion

Stay tuned for my post about "The Dark Knight" coming soon!