Monday, September 01, 2008

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

I'd watch this movie just for the title alone. You might want to check out "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers" when it hits theaters. Here is the description:

Mr. Shi is a retired widower from Beijing. When his daughter Yilan, who lives in the US, divorces, he decides to visit her in the small town where she works as a librarian. His intention is to stay with her until he helps her recover from the trauma. Mr. Shi likes to tell the people he meets in America that he's a "rocket scientist," enjoying their attention. But Yilan is less enthusiastic about his showing off, nor is she interested in his plan to rescue her marriage and reconstruct her life. When Mr. Shi insists on finding out the reason for the divorce, Yilan starts to avoid him.

Watch the preview here

This should make for some interesting blogging!


  1. Nice...Magnolia Pictures never fails to produce something interesting. Thanks for the heads up - this is the kind of film I enjoy (other than "The Matrix", "A History of Violence", etc.). I hope that it doesn't take a thousand years for my daughter and I. :-)

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Looks exactly like the type of movie I would enjoy. Only question is, why the Baha'i tag in your post?