Friday, October 17, 2008

Baha'i Faith in the Internet Age

I won't be able to attend this upcoming program at Greenacre Baha'i School but hope that many of you out there will or will at least watch some of the podcast. A link is included below where you will be able to enjoy video from the weekend. I'm particularly interested in what they will say about blogging of course!

10/24/2008 - 10/26/2008

Baha’i Communications in the Internet Age

Glen Fullmer and Thane Terrill

Led by the staff of the Baha’i National Center’s Office of Communications, this session will be of interest to webmasters, bloggers, Public Information Officers and any Baha’is interested in communications and the Internet. Thane Terrill, a member of the Baha’i Internet Agency, will join us as we review recent guidance from the Baha’i World Center pertaining to Baha’i activity on the Internet and look at actual local Baha’i websites, blogs, social networking sites and other forms of teaching and individual initiative online, to analyze what works and what could be improved. Bring your laptops if you would like to set up a blog and get started, or let us know what you are working on and we will set up a peer learning session on Saturday evening. The Office of Communications recently launched a Ning site to host, a network for Baha’i web developers to share resources and ideas. Baha’i web developers are encouraged to join.

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