Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hot Bloggin': The Final Countdown Edition

Our baby is a procrastinator. His due date has come and gone and he is still inside his mommy. Luckily due to the miracle of modern medicine, whether he likes is or not he is coming out of there no later than Monday. I was recently with a group of young couples and for some reason that rock anthem "The Final Countdown" was being played. We all agreed that this was an excellent theme song for the imminent arrival of the little guy! In any case, there's some hot bloggin' for me to enjoy as the countdown continues:

Where the World's Going continues to contemplate pop culture with a spiritual twist

The Daily Baha'i discusses a best seller

Sliding Thoughts opens up her memory boxes for all to enjoy

Befriended Stranger ponders a classic bedtime story

Barnabas updates us on the EU call for freeing Baha'is and Christians in Iran

Baha'i Faith in Egypt and Iran draws attention to a mention of the persecution of the Iranian Baha'is in the Canadian press

Correlating comments on interesting research on personality and where people live