Sunday, November 16, 2008

Divine "Arts" Of Living

Thanks to Befriended Stranger I just learned about an awesome online initiative being led by Baha'i artists including a long time bro 'o mine and fellow divinity school grad Eric Dozier. It's called the Badasht Community. Here's info from their website:

The purpose of this site is to provide practical tools for enhancing the worship experience of the Bahá'í community worldwide and to promote the implementation of the arts at the grassroots level. A letter from the International Teaching Centre states:

"...the requirements of the time call on us to be more systematic in the use of the arts. They should not be considered simply an embellishment to our programs or an afterthought in our planning. Rather they must become an integral part of our teaching plans and community life..."

The site includes a section of articles and blogs in addition to lots of other cool stuff. The quality and creativity of the Baha'i presence on the web just keeps getting hotter and hotter. I hope you'll head over and visit the Badasht community and get involved if you're interested. I've come to view blogging as an online literary art form to which I'm fully dedicated. It is my contribution to the enrichment of an emerging Baha'i culture. Thanks to the folks at the Badasht community for reminding me about the centrality of the arts to spiritual life!