Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Been Awhile

Perhaps you've been wondering whatever happened to this allegedly hardcore blogger. Simply put I crossed the finish line of the first semester of my second year of doctoral education with a thoroughly toasted brain. It was like I was exposed to intellectual kryptonite and temporarily lost the power to blog. I'm still recovering so just wanted to say hello and bring you up to date. Douglass Ali and his parents had a successful experience of the Northeast regional conference. It was fun to run into some folks I haven't seen for a long time and catch up. I also got a much needed spiritual reboot and am looking forward to participating more in the work of the Faith in the coming months. I also got to do some performing during the cultural evening program, drumming and singing with brothers from the Black Men's Gathering. It was like old times. We also recently spent time with my parents in Connecticut celebrating Christmas, another first for Douglass Ali. It makes me happy to witness the spontaneous joy he illicits in whoever interacts with him, especially his grandparents.

With that I will stop now and continue my recovery process. I have a few weeks off before I return to the doctoral grind and will soak up every minute of it. Stay tuned for my annual round-up of the best of Baha'i Thought for 2008, which will come out for the Gregorian new year.

God is the Most Glorious.