Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hot Bloggin': Spring Semester Edition

At the risk of being accused of "product placement" I'm going to mention that I am enjoying my last Diet Pepsi as a free the academic sense that is. Tomorrow begins my Spring semester of my second year of doctoral education. Luckily for me as I spend many hours of my life analyzing public policy and contemplating the epistemological assumptions of qualitative research designs, I'll have lots of hot Baha'i bloggin' to take the edge off now and again:

Baha'i Perspectives continues to reign as the supreme social commentary blog with a happy little piece about reward and punishment.

Badasht Community has a provocative piece on inclusivity and the arts in the Baha'i community.

Baha'i Education contemplates joyful learning

Correlating points out some discouraging research on racial stereotypes

Baha'i Faith in Egypt continues to chronicle the agonizing twists and turns of the legal battles of the Baha'is in that land

Barnabas reports from the regional conference in London

Doberman Pizza reports from the regional conference in Toronto

Iran Press Watch has the latest government sponsored shenanigans

Love From Leila is now a momma

Luminous Realities has more on writing

Moving Pictures is just plain cool

Quest for Certitude takes on militant atheism

Where the World is Going says no to hatred

Stay tuned for a new feature coming up on Baha'i Thought called Faith In Film where I'll ponder popular movies from a Baha'i perspective. First up will be Stephen King's "The Mist".