Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baha'i Dad Chronicles: Volume 1

It's hard to believe that it's been four months since Douglass Ali came into our lives. He's here right now playing with this baby book about various animals and kicking his feet and wiggling his toes which is his new pastime. He's gotten bigger and cuter (if you can believe it), including laughing more and making these long sing-songy sighs. He grabs anything within reach and puts it in his mouth, sometimes with the aid of his increasingly sophisticated feet. Oh, and he is just beginning solid food, some rice thing that babies eat. Douglass Ali has also been making a splash of one of the new babies in the Baha'i community. People are going bananas. It's fun to watch the happiness he creates among people just by being who he is, which is a baby. Ah, and he also started daycare which has been going better than I would have imagined. It's a nice place in our neighborhood run by a lovely Haitian woman.

When we reach month 5 I'll be back with more updates. Enjoy a few photos of the little guy while you wait.

Oh yes, and here's a shout out to Bruce and Kate who just had a baby girl named Bahiyyih and Brett and Gladys who just had a baby girl named Bayan. This Baha'i year has truly been "Baha'i Faith the Next Generation". It will be a blast watching these little Baha'is growing up together.