Friday, February 06, 2009

Hot Bloggin': Sick As A Dog Edition

I'm usually fit as a fiddle, but currently I'm as sick as a dog (where do these expressions come from anyway? Any reader who can tell us the origin of either of those phrases will get a cookie as reward). I'm looking forward to a day of hot liquids, rest, perhaps a video and a visit to my physician. How nice to know that even as I languish on my bed of sickness, I could hasten my recovery with some hot Baha'i bloggin':

Baha'i Perspectives, the Jedi Master of Baha'i blogs offers the cheerful topic of God's Wrath

A Baha'i Perspective on Islam reminds us that when it comes to trying to discredit someone's religion, there's nothing new under the sun

Correlating remarks on a new sociology of religion

Baha'i Faith In Egypt has a remarkable essay on the Baha'i minority in that country

Barnabas chronicles the ongoing absurdities confronting the Baha'is of Egypt

Doberman Pizza has a prayer cast. What a concept!

Football and Faith ponders the eyes of perfection

Gems of Oneness shares a little T.I.A. with us

Iran Press Watch features a letter that you need to read!

Moving Pictures discusses Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day"

Povo De Baha takes on the Fundamentalism Bus

Sliding Thoughts endorses some fine Baha'i inspired music