Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beautiful Blog: 19 Days

Hat tip to Luminous Realities for drawing attention to a beautiful blog about the month of fasting called, " 19 Days". Here's what Luminous Realities had to say about it:

Althought it is twelve days into the 19-day Baha’i fast, I just discovered nineteen days, a beautiful collaborative blog set up especially for this fast. Since March 2nd each day’s entry includes a series of artistic photos from Baha’i photographers around the world, an inspirational Baha’i passage, and personal thoughts on that day’s experience from bloggers amy and leili and the day’s guest photographer. Their reflections range from physical issues of fasting and photo commentary to a gleaning of deeper insights.

I encourage Baha'i Thought readers to visit this blog and drink in its beauty as you enjoy the remaining days of this blessed period of the Baha'i year.