Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Bloggin: Hell in a Handbasket Edition

Financial collapse, the creeping Talibanization of a nuclear state, Somali pirates gone wild, and now SWINE FLU. What's a Baha'i to do? Enjoy some hot bloggin' of course:

Baha'i Perspectives ponders Me, Myself, and I
Changing Times has the new Finding Bibi trailer
Los Angelista philosophizes SWINE FLU
Baha'i Faith in Egypt offers hope for Baha'is displaced by mob violence
Barnabas' grandson is a cute kid

There's more of course but you can peruse my excellent list of Baha'i blogs by visiting my sidebar. Quick, read some hot bloggin before the financial meltdown-nuclear Taliban-swashbuckling Somali-swine flu pandemic-Armageddon gets worse!