Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spirituality and Social Work Conference Update

I'm in Los Angeles at the Society for Spirituality and Social Work Conference. Though I plan to do a more thorough description of my experiences I just wanted to summarize some of the kinds of sessions that I've been able to attend. This has been one of the best conferences I've attended. I've attended plenary and workshop style sessions in the following areas:

1. Spirituality, stress and growth in the face of grief.

2. The connection between spiritual rewards, caregiving and caregiver health.

3. The role of spirituality in mental health recovery.

4. The neurobiology of trauma, attachment and God imagery.

5. Solution-focused spirituality.

6. Spiritual capital and social work.

And I'm about to attend one last session on Biblical principles and social work.

I've said it before but I would strongly encourage social workers or other helping professionals who read Baha'i Thought to learn more about this Society and consider attending the conference next year which will be in Canada.
More to come.