Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Baha'i Dad Chronicles: 9 Months and a Day

Douglass 'Ali has reached 9 months old as of yesterday. For some reason this month really flew by. He is up to all kinds of new things like holding his bottle by himself, crawling up the stairs, and playing in his sandbox. Unfortunately the sandbox is full of beetles, one of which almost ended up in his mouth. Y.U.C.K. We'll have to work on the sandbox thing. Douglass spends a lot of time crawling around and exploring everything. For some reason he loves going inside the fridge, he gets super excited about that. He's always trying to take the phone from us and mess with our laptops so we finally gave him an old phone and laptop to play with. He's got some cool new toys like this frog thing that plays music and these rubber blocks that are perfect for making a tower to knock down and also to chew on (he has seven teeth now). He's gotten quite good at clapping his hands when he is happy about something. When it isn't raining he's beginning to enjoy the nice big back yard we bought for him (yes it is his yard). We're still working on the solid food thing, he makes this hilarious face when he doesn't like something. This month he will meet his cousins Whitney, Everest, and Nyla which should be lots of fun for all.

O true companions! All humankind are as children in a school, and the Dawning-Points of Light, the Sources of divine revelation, are the teachers, wondrous and without peer. In the school of realities they educate these sons and daughters, according to teachings from God, and foster them in the bosom of grace, so that they may develop along every line, show forth the excellent gifts and blessings of the Lord, and combine human perfections; that they may advance in all aspects of human endeavour, whether outward or inward, hidden or visible, material or spiritual, until they make of this mortal world a widespread mirror, to reflect that other world which dieth not.

(Abdu'l-Baha, Selections from the Writings of Abdu'l-Baha, p. 126)