Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hot Bloggin': GI Joe Edition

With the live action GI Joe movie hitting theaters it's been fun to be transported back to my childhood through memories of the cartoon. has a hilarious bit of clips of the Joes escaping from certain death. I've heard that the movie is not exactly Oscar material so I'm unlikely to blow ten bucks watching it. Luckily there is some hot Baha'i bloggin' that I can enjoy instead.

Agency and Change waxes eloquent about the social body.
Baha'i Coherence asks if spirituality is intrinsic to humanity.
Baha'i Faith in Egypt and Iran has info on the US view of the Iranian Baha'i situation.
Baha'i Perspectives is captive by design.
Barnabas describes the 2009 Baha'i Academy for the Arts.
Changing Times is getting the word out on Onemusician.
Doberman Pizza says "Yup" to marriage.
Everybody means something has an approach to psychosis.
Fewness of Words gets green.
Iran Press Watch has the sixth in a series of posts about 'Abdu'l-Baha's response to persecution of Iranian Baha'is in 1903.
Jeune Street discusses God and man at university.
Luminous Realities kicks it with her publisher.
Myriad Lives has the 411 on Baha'is in Yemen.
Povo De Baha has some nice Baha'i music.
Quest for Certitude talks about faith and action.
Sliding Thoughts lays on the poetry.