Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baha'i Dad Chronicles: Busy Boy

One of the fun things about being a new parent is observing which of your character traits are emerging in your kid. It seems that my son is taking after me in the sense of being a very busy boy. As I watch him, it appears that like his father, he has a long list of tasks to perform each day. The following are a few of the items I imagine are on his to-do list:

1. Make sure parents get up on time.
2. Make sure parents remember how to change diapers.
3. Distribute toys throughout the house so they are more easily accessible.
4. Drink large amounts of mommy-produced, liquid sustenance.
5. Redecorate living room by pushing small furniture around.
6. Talk on the grown-up phone.
7. Talk on the toy phone.
8. Try to use mommy's laptop.
9. Pour my snacks onto the floor. They taste better that way.
10. Eat whatever parents are eating.
11. Change the channels on the TV.
12. Pull all pots and pans out of the cabinet.
13. Put all of my clothes onto the floor.
14. Place little objects inside bigger objects.
15. Pull out every plug I see.
16. Let parents know what I do not like as loudly as I can.
17. Turn objects upside down.
18. Get my dance on.
19. Climb the stairs as much as possible.
20. Resist sleep as long as I can.