Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hot Bloggin': October 2009

In the spirit of my previous post, Unloose Your Keyboards Heroes of God I'd like to try and make Hot Bloggin' a monthly feature on Baha'i Thought. The mission of Hot Bloggin' is to recognize the awesomeness of long time Baha'i bloggers and also encourage new blogs on the block. Here goes:

Baha'i Coherence discusses the nobility of the soul

Baha'i Faith in Egypt adds an artistic touch

Baha'i Perspectives is having a laugh

Barnabas takes on Iran's nuclear ambitions and human rights

Iran Press Watch has the latest on the denial of higher education to Iranian Baha'is

Jeune Street is Facebookin' Faith

Where the World is Going ponders identity

Baha'i Views has a little Baha'i inspired hip-hop

Befriended Stranger continues the prayer station

Football and Faith links civilization building to football

Love from Leila is filled with angst

Luminous Realities wrestles with resistance

Moving Pictures discusses Capitalism: A Love Story

Sliding Thoughts has some stunning photos

I'd love to hear from readers with suggestions for the November edition of Hot Bloggin'. You can include your own blog of course.