Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baha'i Dad Chronicles: Feeding Himself

I took a break from my early morning routine of doctoral studies to greet my wife and son. As I entered the dining room, I heard Douglass Ali say "mmmmmmmm" with great pleasure. My wife announced that he was feeding himself. As I rounded the corner of the high chair I was greeted by a yogurt covered son! Feeding himself included putting the spoon in his mouth backwards getting most of it up his nose and all over his face. I also noticed that he had made some yogurt artwork all over his tray. Douglass continued, stabbing the spoon vigorously into his cup of yogurt and putting it in his mouth in whatever way he wished. Another milestone achieved, however messily.


  1. A completely enjoyable sensorial experience on the way to independence....

  2. Sharon Eakes12:19 PM

    I get so much e-mail I often feel overwhelmed as I plow through it, but I ALWAYS stop and read your posts, almost to my own amazement. They always teach me something, make me think, and often laugh (Douglas Ali is soooo engaged in the process of self feeding it inspires me.) Thank you for your thoughtful sharing!

  3. Thanks Naticia, Allison and Sharon. My son is the source of much joy and laughter.