Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Earthquake in Haiti: Reflections and Responses

Like most people, my thoughts are on the suffering of the people in Haiti following the devastating earthquake there. Given my interests, I've been researching religious discourse about this catastrophe and am preparing a post compiling some of what I've found and offering reflections of my own.

In the mean time I wanted to provide a space for reflections and responses that Baha'i Thought readers might want to share at this time. The comment section is wide open. What are you thinking about right now related to Haiti?

I'll close with this quote from Shoghi Effendi that has been shared among many of my friends on Facebook:

When such a crisis sweeps over the world no person should hope to remain intact. We belong to an organic unit and when one part of the organism suffers all the rest of the body will feel its consequence. This is in fact the reason why Baha'u'llah calls our attention to the unity of mankind. But as Bahá'ís we should not let such hardship weaken our hope in the future... "