Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baha'i Dad Chronicles: 17 Months

Another month of milestones and mischief on the part of Douglass Ali. He's added a couple of more words and phrases to his vocabulary including:

1.Thank you.
2. See Ya.
3. Noooooo.
4. Moooomieee.

He also now says hi to everyone and waves even if the person doesn't know he's doing it. For example, he will say hi and wave to someone he sees through the window. He's really gotten into looking out the window to see what's what. He's also really into birds. They fascinate him. Whenever he here's birdsong he turns to look, points and says "B", "B", "B" which is as close as he can get to the word bird right now. Yesterday I had some fun giving him pieces of a hot dog bun to throw out the window so the birds would come and eat them. Each time he threw a piece he would say "Yay" and laugh and laugh. Until he decided that he wanted to eat them himself. Each time I'd give him a piece he would pop it in his mouth rather than throw it out the window. He had a hard time being quiet so the birds kept their distance. I finally decided to close the window and then a bunch of
them put on quite a show for the little guy. First came the Finches, then some Starlings and finally what I believe were a couple of Magpies. I'm looking forward to sharing the experience of feeding the ducks with him once the days get a bit warmer.

Speaking of warm weather, it's been great to see him running around outside. This time last year he was not even walking yet so this Spring and Summer will be very different for all of us. There will be lots of things for him to experience in new ways as a toddler.

His eating has gotten really good, he eats a real variety of things and he has
pretty much mastered drinking out of
a glass or a cup (he skipped the sippy
cup stage entirely). With a little help
he can feed himself with a spoon or spork
but still seems to enjoy making artwork
out of his food as much as eating it.
That's what bibs are for I suppose.

He is climbing on everything constantly which is nerve racking. The only way you can stop him is to basically remove anything from the room that he can climb onto (with the exception of big furniture of course).
He is also just about able to reach doorknobs and is experimenting with how to get them open. He is keeping us on our toes as they say.

He is starting to use his imagination and engage in pretend play. For example he will take a toy cup and pretend to drink out of it or pretend to give a drink to a doll or stuffed animal.

There is also a lot of imitating his mom and dad. For example, whenever he gets hold of a bag, he will pick it up, say "Bye-bye" and head for the front door. He sees me do that on my way to work every morning.

"O God! Rear this little babe in the bosom of Thy love, and give it milk from the breast of Thy Providence. Cultivate this fresh plant in the rose garden of Thy love and aid it to grow through the showers of Thy bounty. Make it a child of the kingdom, and lead it to Thy heavenly realm. Thou art powerful and kind, and Thou art the Bestower, the Generous, the Lord of surpassing bounty."

- 'Abdu'l-Bahá