Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fast Bloggin' Day 19

O SON OF GLORY! Be swift in the path of holiness, and enter the heaven of communion with Me. Cleanse thy heart with the burnish of the spirit, and hasten to the court of the Most High. (Baha'u'llah, The Persian Hidden Words)

I feel like I just finished running a marathon. It's not just the fasting. It's the blogging everyday for 19 days. It took a lot of discipline to pull that off and there were certainly days when I did not want to do it. But a promise is a promise. Thanks to everyone who joined me on this journey. I hope everyone's fast (if you were fasting) was blessed.

I started the 19th day with another one of those mornings where I was not very hungry for some reason so contented myself with yogurt and some tea. I had to resist the urge to work on my dissertation proposal because I had made a decision to take a couple of days off and just have some fun (funny that I find that hard to do sometimes. Weird actually). I got to snuggle with my wife and son for awhile in bed instead. We do a fair amount of co-sleeping with our kid which I know is controversial in some circles but I just find it warm and sweet. It might be kind of fun actually for my sister and I to pile into our parent's bed one of these days for old times sake.

We spent the morning getting ready to head to my wife's parents place in Amherst, Massachusetts. This town has the distinction of not only being the place where I discovered the Baha'i Faith but also where I got married to my lovely wife. It was a beautiful day and I spent some time outside again with Douglass Ali. Our neighbors were out with their turtle so we went over so he could have a better look this time. Douglass Ali watched it from a safe distance and would offer some toddler-style creole commentary and point at it. Turns out the neighbors have another two smaller turtles as well which they brought out to get some sun so he saw those too.
After a relatively uneventful drive at Grandma and Grandpa's house where he got some more outside time.

In the evening we headed over to Hampshire College for the Naw-Ruz celebration (Naw-Ruz is the Baha'i New Year if you didn't know). It was fun to catch up with old friends from my Amherst Baha'i Days, it's hard to believe it's almost been 14 years! The kids from the local Baha'i Sunday School did some nice songs. Then it was my turn. I did this little song I wrote for Naw-Ruz accompanied by my djembe which people seemed to enjoy. Douglass Ali stole the show though with his effortless cuteness thing. Young and old couldn't keep their hands off the kid.

At the end of the night, I got to play DJ briefly with this Motown CD that I brought. If you didn't know, I'm a big Motown lover, it's my favorite music. There's nothing like witnessing a scene of Baha'is gone wild to the tune of Smoky Robinson or some old school Stevie Wonder (when he was still "little Stevie wonder"). We basically partied like it was 167 B.E. (that's Baha'i Era if you didn't know) to paraphrase Prince.

"O ye heralds of the Kingdom of God: A FEW days ago an epistle was written to those divine believers, but because these days are the days of Naw-Ruz, you have come to my mind and I am sending you this greeting for this glorious feast...In reality every day which man passes in the mention of God, the diffusion of the fragrances of God and calling the people to the Kingdom of God, that day is his feast. Praise be to God that you are occupied in the service of the Kingdom of God and are engaged in the promulgation of the religion of God by day and by night. Therefore all your days are feast days. There is no doubt that the assistance and the bestowal of God shall descend upon you." (Abdu'l-Baha, Tablets of the Divine Plan, p. 10)