Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fast Bloggin' Day 3

THOU knowest full well, O my God, that tribulations have showered upon me from all directions and that no one can dispel or transmute them except Thee. I know of a certainty, by virtue of my love for Thee, that Thou wilt never cause tribulations to befall any soul unless Thou desirest to exalt his station in Thy celestial Paradise and to buttress his heart in this earthly life with the bulwark of Thine all-compelling power, that it may not become inclined toward the vanities of this world. Indeed Thou art well aware that under all conditions I would cherish the remembrance of Thee far more than the ownership of all that is in the heavens and on the earth. (The Bab, Selections from the Writings of the Bab, p. 214)

My fast is broken and my son is sleeping next to me. Breaking the fast with a toddler without the benefit of your co-parent being there to help is no easy endeavor, let me tell ya. I considered waiting until he went to sleep but thought I would be pushing my luck. We both managed to get through it though. Today was not quite so tough as the last couple of days. I've got a great team of close friends out there praying for me and mine. I think it's working.

This morning I was strangely not hungry so just ended up eating two bananas and drinking some apple juice and a little lemonade. My son was not feeling well and I spent part of the morning with him and then headed off to this class I'm taking about teaching and learning. Part of the class involves having the students teach a section and I got to present what I was assigning to the other students for the section I'm going to teach. It's about critical thinking. I might have to let you know how it goes if you're interested.

On my way to class I recited a couple of Tablets of Ahmad and Remover of Difficulties as I walked down the street. They always come in handy during tough times.

That's it for now. More tomorrow.

"Even though outwardly the Fast is difficult and toilsome, yet inwardly it is bounty and tranquillity. Purification and training are conditioned and dependent only on such rigorous exercises as are in accord with the Book of God and sanctioned by Divine law, not those which the deluded have inflicted upon the people. Whatsoever God hath revealed is beloved of the soul. We beseech Him that He may graciously assist us to do that which is pleasing and acceptable unto Him." (Compilations, The Importance of Obligatory Prayer and Fasting)