Friday, April 30, 2010

Baha'i Faith in Latin America

A few years ago when I was traveling with participants in the Baha'i Black Men's Gathering to Ghana we learned this song that goes, "Every where you go, Baha'is they there. Oh, wonderful Faith." The Baha'i World News Service has a nice story that proves this song is not exaggerating. Check it out:

El Salvador and 20 other nations in Latin America and the Caribbean are this month electing their national Baha'i assembly for the 50th time.

The anniversary not only marks a milestone in the establishment of the Baha'i Faith in the Western Hemisphere, but the formation of those 21 assemblies in 1961 helped pave the way for the election two years later of the Universal House of Justice, the nine-member body that is now the worldwide head of the Baha'i Faith. (Read the whole thing here)

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  1. There are also a number of articles in Wikipedia. You can see the grand list as it's being built here or if you want Latin America pick a country like Costa Rica and then at the bottom is a grouping listing the countries that have articles so far. Sorry more aren't done but there's room to help (think of it like writing a college level paper with footnotes but in some weird new syntax.)