Sunday, April 04, 2010

Facebookin': 400 Fans

I continue to receive confirmations that my experiment in taking Baha'i Thought into the social networking world was a smart move. I wanted to celebrate with readers the achievement of 400 fans on Facebook in a little over two weeks. That's more than the number of subscribers Baha'i Thought has attracted in over four years. Many thanks to everyone who has become a fan or encouraged others to do so and for your continued support of this humble effort at building a new civilization through new media. Now if I could just crack the code on the Twitter follower thing, that would really be something!

Also, I know that I have not been posting as frequently since the Fast (I think I spoiled you all with daily posts). Posting everyday during the Fast plum tuckered me out and some firm academic deadlines I need to meet haven't helped much either. No worries, I'll be providing a description/reflections on my trip to Chicago this week to accept an Award of Excellence in Internet Communication from the Religion Communicator's Council. I'm also planning a special edition of Baha'i Dad Chronicles about Douglass Ali's first ever plane ride and first ever visit to the Baha'i House of Worship. Stay tuned.

"Internet communication, which has the ability to transmit in seconds the entire contents of libraries that took centuries of study to amass, vastly enriches the intellectual life of anyone able to use it, as well as providing sophisticated training in a broad range of professional fields. The system, so prophetically foreseen sixty years ago by Shoghi Effendi, builds a sense of shared community among its users that is impatient of either geographic or cultural distances."
(Commissioned by The Universal House of Justice, Century of Light)